Flipcon14 – day 2

Today I’m going to do something that I haven’t tried before, I’m going to make this post in english so that my new friends from flipcon can read about it to! We have had a great day in Pittsburgh! This morning we went to Mars Area High School to attend the preconference, where we had the possibility to try out some good editing software programmes to use when flipping your classroom.

We tried Camtasia and Snagit, but since I only brought my chromebook since my laptop ”accidently” crashed just one week ago, I couldn’t use the editing part of Snagit nor could I download Camtasia (it doesn’t work on chromebooks). That’s  a shame, but luckily Wictoria brought her laptop and we decided to make a movie for my students back in Sweden. I promised them to take a lot of pictures when I went to America, but today I came up with the idea that we should record  and edit a movie, showing my students what an american high school looks like from inside 🙂 We just played around in the school, recording in the library, the restoom, the cafeteria and in some other places 🙂

We used the app Fuse which allows you to transfer your movie from your mobile device into your computer, by scanning a QR code. That is really easy and a quick way to transfer a movie from one device into another. Unfortunatelly, the internet was kind of slow, but that gave us the opportunity to come up with idéas for the editing!


Scanning the QR-code

When the movie was transferred we started to editing it. Using Camtasia is quite easy, you can easily cut out the parts you don’t want to keep, and you can edit some cool sounds and text effects in to your flipp. You can’t really fail with this software, my husband says that movie maker is for beginners, but I would say that Camtasia is just as easy, but much more fun!

2014-06-24 - 1 (4)

Editing in Camtasia – easy and fun!

Here is the result 🙂

The rest of the day was just as exciting and fun! We went by a yellow schoolbus to Mars, a town about ten minutes drive from the hotel. Such a friendly town, Mars welcomed us with open arms, free pizza, coffee, lemonades and everything was opened just for us. I had the opportunity to meet a handsome policeofficer, the mayor and got to ride on a miniature train – so much fun! Well I think I better show you the pictures instead!

2014-06-24 - 1 (2)

Heading for Mars!

2014-06-24 - 1 (1)

Hanging out at the spaceship with Aaron Sams…

2014-06-24 - 1 (3)

…John Bergmann…

Bq22WquIEAEydiQ (1)

…and the police offficer in charge of Mars 🙂

So what more can I say – this was a great day and I really look forward for tomorrow! Tomorrow I am going to start the day by go running together with the track team and Mr Bergmann, that will be fun! Let’s see if I survive…

To all my friends and followers in Sweden and to all my new friends at Flipcon – take care! And I’ll see you tomorrow – online or AFK 🙂



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